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This frequently misunderstood and poorly applied book receives fresh treatment from Tim Foster. He will demonstrate a way of understanding the message of Revelation and its relevance for us today. Be prepared to be challenged and to get enthusiastic by what is traditionally seen as the hardest book to interpret in the Bible.

Studyly Topics

Study 1:
Provides an introduction to the book of Revelation and Tim explains the significance of the historical context, structure and genre.

Study 2:
Moves onto Revelation 1 and introduces the key message of the book.

Study 3:
Looks at the lessons to the seven churches and introduces the letters and focuses on Pergamum.

Study 4:
Zooms in and focuses closely on the letter to Sardis.

Study 5:
Continues on with the letter to Laodicea.

Study 6:
Tim moves on to Revelation chapters 4 & 5 and specifically the Throne Room Scene.

Study 7:
Looks at Revelation 6–11 and focuses on various symbols and their meaning, and how the letter relates to actual historical events.

Study 8:
Introduces the theme of the inevitability of suffering for God’s people, and their ultimate vindication from Revelation 6–11.

Study 9:
Looks at Revelation 12–14 and how they are commonly misunderstood.

Study 10:
Tim moves to chapters 15 and 16, clarifying the nature, purpose and meaning of judgement.

Study 11:
Looks at Revelation 17–20, looking at the key symbols, and how the structure of the section impacts on interpretation of the Millennial rule of Christ and judgment.

Study 12:
Finally, Tim looks at the ending chapters of Revelation and how they are the source of Christian hope and the New Creation

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    • Study 1: Introduction to Revelation
    • Study 2: Revelation 1
    • Study 3: Letters to the Seven Churches — Pergamum
    • Study 4: Letters to the Seven Churches — Sardis
    • Study 5: Letters to the Seven Churches — Laodicea
    • Study 6: Revelation 4 & 5 — The Throne Room
    • Study 7: Revelation 6-11 — The Symbols
    • Study 8: Revelation 6-11 — Suffering and Vindication
    • Study 9: Revelation 12-14
    • Study 10: Revelation 15 & 16 — Judgment
    • Study 11: Revelation 17-20 — Christ and the Millennium
    • Study 12: The Ending of Revelation