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In this introduction to the biblical prophets, Andy Abernethy reveals the Book of Isaiah’s breadth and relevance for us today. Learn to understand different types of Bible literature, read prophecy in its historical context, see how Isaiah fits into the big story of God’s saving plan, and use the whole Book of Isaiah in ministry contexts.


Study 1:
This study provides an introduction to the book of Isaiah in its context in the Old Testament and the whole story of God beginning with outlining the structure of Isaiah and its historical setting.

Study 2:
This study moves onto Isaiah 1 as the basis for encountering the message of Isaiah.

Study 3:
This study looks at the theme of the ‘King’ in Isaiah, specifically at the Holy King in Isaiah 6.

Study 4:
This study follows on by looking at the Coming King in Isaiah 40 and 52.

Study 5:
This lesson looks at the theme of the ‘King’s Agents’ in Isaiah firstly at the Davidic King in Isaiah 9:1–7 and 11:1–10.

Study 6:
In this study Andy continues by introducing the well-known Servant motif in Isaiah 52:13–53:12.

Study 7:
This lesson looks at the theme of the ‘King’s Community’ in Isaiah starting with the idea of a community of justice introduced in Isaiah 5:1–7, and Isaiah 58.

Study 8:
This study expands the idea of the ‘King’s Community’ to an international community, as revealed in Isaiah 2:2–4.

Study 9:
This lesson looks at the theme of the ‘Realm of the King’ in Isaiah, firstly with the topic of Zion as the city of the King, in Isaiah 60.

Study 10:
Following up on the previous study Andy moves to Isaiah 65 for an exploration of the New Heavens and the New Earth.

Study 11:
This study looks at God’s kingdom message in Isaiah, and how that plays out in ministry starting with a look at interpreting prophecy with a case study from Isaiah 7.

Study 12:
This study rounds out the series on Isaiah as Andy looks at application of the book’s message in our life and service of God and others.

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    • Study 1: Introduction to Isaiah
    • Study 2: Isaiah 1
    • Study 3: The Holy King in Isaiah 6
    • Study 4: The Coming King in Isaiah 40 & 52
    • Study 5: The Agents of the Davidic King (Isaiah 9:1-7 & 11:1-10)
    • Study 6: The Servant of the King (Isaiah 52:13–53:12)
    • Study 7: The Community of the King (Isaiah 5:1-7 & 58)
    • Study 8: Broadening the Community (Isaiah 2:2-4)
    • Study 9: The Realm of the King – Zion and Isaiah 60
    • Study 10: The New Heavens and New Earth (Isaiah 65)
    • Study 11: Applying the Kingdom Message – Isaiah 7
    • Study 12: How Isaiah influences Ministry